Bliss Keys Team

The BLISS KEYS TEAM is a network of trusted practitioners and professionals, sharing the same core values, where:

  •  we grow collectively while focusing on our individual healing and growth
  •  each one’s gifts are honored as a piece of the puzzle
  •  we help each other thrive whilst living our purpose

Francisca Bronwyn

Founder, CEO

An idealist at heart, German-Australian Dream Builder Coach Francisca Bronwyn Michel, envisions a world with less suffering and pain. Between 2003 and 2006, Francisca experienced a wake-up call through two life-threatening diagnoses in her family. In response, the Film & TV Directing Graduate from University of Melbourne, Australia let go of her filmmaking aspirations, came home in her innate knowing of the body-mind’s self-healing power, and in 2007,  became an accredited Journey™ Practitioner.

For the last 15 years, Francisca has facilitated (and received) 100s of in-depth mind-body healing processes with people from all walks of life. A master at transforming her clients’ issues at the spiritual, emotional, and psychological root cause level, Francisca founded the transformational coaching program, Bliss Keys™. Since the Great Resignation, she specializes in helping leaders and their teams to transform their individual and collective unconscious obstacles into their full potential. A natural cheerleader, Francisca advocates for her clients to remember their true purpose and inspires them to thrive authentically and holistically, so they may give their much-needed gifts to the world. Blessed with two (adult, teen) daughters, Francisca lives in Topanga, California.



Kimberly Wright

Business Consultant 

Tenacious and goal oriented as a Director of Development, Kimberly brings forth 25 years of business development experience, building businesses from the ground up. Motivated by what’s useful and essential, she is an expert at understanding the market, managing others and helping them achieve concrete, practical results. Committed to serving the greater good, Kimberly continues to be a board member on various non-profit organizations, and currently serves as Community Outreach Coordinator at Momentum4All. She studied business and psychology and holds a BS in Organizational Leadership from the California Lutheran University. The proud mother of two adult children, Kimberly resides in Southern California.

Mary Jo Wevers, Ph.D.

Journey™ Practitioner

Empathic, strong, and grounded, Mary Jo Wevers, is a licensed Spiritual Health Coach and an expert in soul-personality integration. 

 A certified Jungian Karmic Astrologer, Mary Jo uses the archetypal language of astrology to help clients understand themselves from a deeper, spiritual place and find meaning in their life experiences. Mary Jo provides one-on-one Journeywork sessions in the Bliss Keys program to help leaders to clear their slate through emotional healing so they may put the past behind them, and move forward in peace and wholeness.

Jaclyn Gelb

Meditation & Yoga Teacher, Feminine Energy Circles

Jaclyn creates and holds a pristine container for collective healing. As a researcher, and critical thinker, she sees our collective challenges from a broad and neutral perspective. Jaclyn’s work seeks to activate and integrate the subtle bodies which balance the nervous system so that we may become a clear vessel for self-change.

Her daily movement practice draws from Tantra and Hatha traditions, using breath, mantra, and simple repetitive movements to elevate awareness and train the nervous system toward centered neutrality. Commitment to this regular practice will greatly accelerate your success with the Bliss Keys Program.

Georg Gfäller, Ph.D.

German psychologist and psychoanalyst, Georg R. Gfäller, is known for his work in psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, and group analysis, and notable for his ethnoanalytical research performed with Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker and Hans Bosse. 

He is Founding Chairman of the Professional Association of Bavarian Psychoanalysts. He co-founded the Institute for Mediation, where he is now the Scientific Director. Gfäller sits on the scientific advisory boards of various organizations and universities, including European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder). He currently works in Kiefersfelden, Bayern, Germany.

Shannon Lieder, MS

Therapeutic Massage Therapist

With an MS in Kinesiology and a former professional athlete in track and field, Shannon has an extensive understanding of sports related injuries, as well as chronic muscular conditions.  She has assisted her clients in reversing imminent surgery diagnoses from doctors such as with rotator cuff injuries, knee and hip replacements, carpal tunnel, golf and tennis elbow and more.  Treating and facilitating healing for long term bodily conditions such as frozen shoulder, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, chronic lower back, hip and debilitating neck pain are part of her daily practice. Shannon works intuitively with each client, offering nutritional advice for reducing inflammation, if requested. Shannon sees local clients at her office in Topanga, California. House visits in the LA area may be arranged depending on distance and availability.