About Francisca Bronwyn

aka Francisca Bronwyn Michel

Meet Francisca, a Journey™ Master Practitioner, Spiritual Health Coach, and Dream Builder Coach, seamlessly merging her rich German and Australian heritage. With a deep understanding of mind-body healing, she crafted the transformative Bliss Keys Program™—a fusion of emotional (DNA) healing, psychological re-patterning, and mind-over-matter coaching, guiding leaders to newfound happiness. (press)

Influenced by her parents, Francisca navigates the intricacies of the ego and soul, discerning unresolved conflicts within her clients' lineages.

Francisca's journey began with a shattering loss—her mother's cancer diagnosis three years after her sister's. Fearing for her life, she recalled mind-body connections that healed her at 21. Realizing the need to leave an unhealthy relationship restored her health.

Documenting her transformative journey, Francisca penned two coaching books—an exploration of healing, unmasking, and embracing one's shadow. Her program clears inner obstacles, enabling an integrated self to construct a fulfilling life aligned with one's highest purpose.

A devoted mother, Francisca amicably co-parents with her ex-husband, distinguished cinematographer Sion Michel, ACS. Galvanized by a vision of elevating humanity, she actively supports permaculture  initiatives in Kenya, Africa, since 2020.

Dedicated to empowering individuals, Francisca extends her expertise through the transformative gift of her online course, "From Grief to Fully Living".  A compelling call to action for those seeking profound elevation.

For leaders with the courage to embark on inner work, Francisca specializes in transformations that impact lives and contribute to the greater good. Healing from loss and conducting an amicable divorce becomes the blueprint for transformative energy needed to uplift our world. By working with Francisca, leaders gain personal confidence and assurance that their journey contributes to a positive global shift. Your transformative odyssey commences here, aligning personal growth with planetary impact.