About Francisca Bronwyn

aka Francisca Bronwyn Michel

I am a German-Australian dream builder coach, spiritual health coach, Journey™ practitioner, and founder of Bliss Keys™. I am passionate about helping highly sensitive people (HSP) transform their challenges at the emotional, psychological, and spiritual root cause level so they can give their much-needed gifts to the world.

Influenced by my father, German anthropologist, sociologist, and social psychologist,  Hans Bosse, who introduced group analytical research into sociology, and made connections between theology and sociology, I developed an innate ability to mediate between the ego and the soul.

After 16 years of facilitating one-on-one sessions with people from all walks of life, I founded Bliss Keys™, an interactive healing and coaching platform where my team and I empower individuals to connect with their authentic selves, find their way back to their life purpose, and contribute to life from a self-actualized, fulfilled place.

I wrote two coaching books, Breaking Out Gently - A brutally honest coaching memoir into unconditional self-love, and Bliss Keys - A practical guide to unlocking your purpose. Writing helped me deal with the losses in my family, crystalizing the importance of the grieving process as a prerequisite for a new life. (press)

My mission is to remind people of the love that unites us all. I dream of a world where humanity is Shepherd of our planet, supporting Mother Earth in her own self-renewal. Supporting permaculture in Kenya, Africa since 2020.

I am blessed with two extraordinary (teen/adult) daughters and live in Southern California.