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When the pain of staying stuck has become greater than the fear of change, you are ready. 

Thriving authentically begins with healing at the core.  

"BlissKeys.com’s unique programs facilitate an in-depth mind-body healing process that heals the original trauma at the emotional root cause level."

Lead your world into the new paradigm. 

As your Holistic Leadership Coach,

I'm here to provide a transformative experience blending coaching, teaching, and practical guidance. Choose from our immersive programs, spot coaching, the exclusive Apex Experience, or the online 'Unlock Your Purpose' program—best paired with personalized 1:1 spot coaching.

I bring a unique skill set to identify your strengths, reflect your higher self and purpose, and specialize in energy- and mindset transformation. Let's realign your leadership with your true self and motivations, moving beyond skills to enhance your entire life. Embrace a journey driven by love, not fear, for profound satisfaction and quality of life.


At Bliss Keys™ 

our transformative approach invites leaders to tap into their essence, unlocking the power behind their purpose. Committed to shifting paradigms toward a model aligned with the principles of Mother Earth, we empower individuals across diverse industries to become exceptional communicators and effective leaders. 

Elevate your leadership with Bliss Keys™—where authentic transformation meets purposeful leadership.

1:1 Holistic Leadership Coaching

Unlock Your Leadership Potential

Take your leadership to unprecedented heights with our transformative 1:1 Holistic Leadership Coaching. This empowering journey is designed to help leaders overcome challenges, transcend limiting patterns, and become catalysts for positive change. It goes beyond conventional coaching—it's a shift away from fear-driven motivation and control to a rediscovery of your authentic self. Step into a new way of leading for a better world. Elevate your leadership with positivity and purpose. Apply now for your complimentary consultation.

David Marcus, MD

Radiation Oncologist

Francisca is a master of “meeting me where I am” which makes me feel seen and understood. Having created that foundation of safety and authenticity, she skillfully guides me to new personal insights in just about every session.

Ariela HaLevi

Co-Founder and Director at Soul Centered 

After working with Francisca, I see the vision of my whole self and who I truly am. It has been life-changing and her intuition and truth shine through in every session.

Simon A. Luthi

Managing Director and GM Chase Travel, Reiki Practitioner, DE

Be ready to experience true physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual breakthroughs.

1:1 Soul Path Acting

Embark on a transformative journey with Soul Path Acting—a coaching program for actors and storytellers. Unearth your soul's core, infuse performances with healing resonance, and capture moments of transformation on film if desired. Break free from conventional boundaries, showcase your unique gift, and create performances that resonate on a deeper level. Join us to explore your soul's healing path and leave a lasting impact on yourself and the world.

Unlock Your Purpose: Online Coaching Support Program

Welcome to Unlock Your Purpose, where transformation meets inspiration. Our online coaching support program is designed for individuals from all walks of life, offering a versatile platform for 1:1 clients, self-paced exploration, or group dynamics. Between sessions, receive valuable insights and continuous support, fostering personal development. Infused with the essence of our founder's teachings, our program is a unique blend of love, hope, and vibrant experiential learning. Join a community of purpose-seekers, engage in interactive discussions, and rediscover bliss through mindful living. This isn't just a program; it's a journey to align with your true calling. Limited-time offers available—unlock your purpose today and thrive in a life of inspired living.

David B. Baron, MD,FAAFP

Founder/Owner Primary Caring of Malibu Medical Group, Inc., CA

If you are seeking a path to greater happiness and contentment, and true healing of past or current wounds, Francisca will lovingly lead you there

Maria B.

Owner/Director,  Wonderkids, CA

The experience provides for a powerful awakening.

Hunter Fite

Actor, CA

As an artist I have been able to express myself with much more freedom and confidence, trusting the very core of my instincts, of my soul.

Unveiling the Hero's Journey Through Coaching Books

In the heart of my coaching books lies a profound message: life's transformative journey is an intricate process of breaking free and embracing the hero within. These texts, far from conventional guides, chronicle my personal evolution through the terror barrier—an intimate revelation of triumph over adversity.

As the pages unfold, readers are invited into a raw and unfiltered exploration of shedding layers and emerging from the cocoon of self-limitation. The narratives, written as if extracted from my innermost diary, guide individuals through the labyrinthine underworld of struggles and sacrifices. It's a journey that leads to genuine liberation, where the beauty of life reveals itself through a profound lens.

The backdrop of these coaching books serves as a canvas for the central theme: life's challenges are not obstacles but stepping stones towards self-discovery. Each chapter acts as an illumination, inviting readers to embark on their own heroic journey. This isn't just a narrative—it's an immersive experience, where every turn of the page beckons you to transform and embrace the hero dwelling within. So, take your seat; the adventure awaits—dive in and emerge alive, transformed, and triumphant.


Claim Your Free Online Course! 

Embark on a profound healing journey with our complimentary online course, "From Grief to Fully Living." Dive into the transformative emergence from the cocoon as these videos, created in memory of my sister, guide you from holding emotions in to honoring them authentically. Why not claim your free course now and step into a transformative exploration of self-discovery—release burdens, rediscover your authentic self, and start living fully.

Explore The Memoir and Bliss Keys Guide

In my memoir, the first book, I share the raw, honest account of breaking free emotionally and mentally, addressing the struggles of finding peace within close family relationships. "Bliss Keys," the second book, provides essential steps to liberate yourself from the prison of your mind's programming. Join me on this liberating journey towards genuine authenticity and profound self-discovery.

Utilize the Grief Process Online Course to navigate your own path of healing and find solace in your grief journey.