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"Bliss Keys™ provides transformative solutions to life's challenges. Empowering women and men to heal, harness their inner strength, and share their unique gifts with the world." 

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Endorsement by Mary Morrissey: “Bliss Keys™ is powerful, practical and guides you on your path to purposeful self-actualization and deliberate co-creation. Individuals will find new inspiration and encouragement to use it towards creating their dream.” 

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Transform from Within

Even the most enlightened cultural creatives, leaders, and visionaries face unseen barriers. These blind spots and unconscious dynamics pin us to old patterns, keeping us stuck. Without doing the inner work and changing our core programming, we fall back into limiting dynamics. This is why many well-intentioned new beginnings, organizations, and relationships end up repeating the same patterns we wanted to overcome.

As leaders and co-creators of our life experience, we must change from the inside. This requires facing our shadow and overcoming our triggers. Understanding that these triggers reveal more about ourselves than the person triggering us is key. Bliss Keys™ empowers you to change your life from the inside out.

  • Heal Core Relationships: Start with yourself and build deeper connections.
  • Eliminate Barriers: Transform fear-motivated actions at their root.
  • Maximize Influence: Amplify your light and impact through clarity and purpose.

With a unique ability to connect individuals to their core and soul wisdom, Francisca helps you heal your core relationships—starting with yourself—and forge deep spiritual bonds. By doing the inner work to eliminate unseen barriers, you can embody the new paradigm. Heal fear-motivated actions at the root, rediscover your innate inner healer, free up energy, and maximize your light and influence. Imagine the profound impact your messages, performances, or projects can have when infused with this newfound clarity and purpose.

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What Our Clients Are Saying 

Jonathan Lange, Founding Partner Red Pill Real Estate: "Francisca’s “obvious unfair” coaching advantage is something I have not ever experienced in four decades in working with coaches of all types: her ability to effectuate an inner desire to wholly accept and unconditionally love myself, while simultaneously building a yearning to learn, grow and improve. During our year of coaching, this profound approach led me to follow a more soul-directed vision and ultimately to found Red Pill Real Estate, which was born from our transformative sessions.

Francisca’s technique barbells the yin and yang concepts of “letting go” with a “growth mindset,” which is wildly freeing and energizing, all at once. Her innate and nurtured curiosity showed up in every session of ours, and that helped build my energy to do the same: to consistently be curious and compassionate when contemplating ways to improve.

The tools I learned by working with Francisca have influenced every aspect of my life, ranging from the board room to the community room, to the dining room. To this day, I continually reference our notes and work together, and I am tremendously grateful for the enduring value her expertise continues to provide."

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The Secret Behind Career Dissatisfaction

Ever wonder why true fulfillment often eludes you despite your success? The key lies in uncovering and following your heart and soul's deepest longing instead of pursuing fear-driven goals set by an unhealed ego. Unlock the secret to true meaning and happiness with our free 8-minute video, "Generic Dream" VS Heart's Desire. Start your transformative journey today by watching our free video.

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Our Services


1:1 Freedom Coaching & Holistic Leadership Coaching

Experience the transformative power of connecting with your core and soul wisdom. Transform your relationship with yourself, heal your relationships, and forge deep spiritual bonds. Align with your highest purpose and extend these changes to your creativity and everyday life, liberating and crystallizing your soul-directed purpose.

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Holistic Strategic Leadership Advisory

Exclusive support to extend your aligned self and highest purpose to your teams, projects, and creative works. Transform your leadership and creative impact to leave a legacy that transcends your life.

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 Unlock Your Purpose Online Program

24/7 access to practical tools and insights born from 17 years of 1:1 and personal breakthroughs by the founder, to soothe and support you on your journey to self-discovery and alignment.

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"Breaking Out Gently" Coaching Memoir

A powerful resource to accompany you through the 'terror barrier' and prompt you to gently break free from old limiting paradigms and embrace your unconditional self-love.

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What Our Clients Are Saying:

Ariela HaLevi, Co-Founder and Director at Soul Centered: "Working with Francisca has been such a gift to me, both personally and professionally.  She has a magical ease about her that guides her clients into opening to the truth of who they are.  I have found profound changes and shifts in old beliefs that have been holding me back from becoming the woman I truly am destined to become.  After working with Francisca, I see the vision of my whole self and who I truly am.  It has been life-changing and her intuition and truth shine through in every session." 

About Francisca Bronwyn

Francisca Bronwyn is a visionary thinker, a highly skilled and sought-after coach, and a transformative guide. She supports cultural creatives, and holistic leaders with empathy and admiration to make transformative leaps. FIND OUT MORE


Mission and Vision

Our mission is to foster transformative changes by helping individuals connect with their core and soul wisdom. By healing relationships and forging deep spiritual bonds, we support visionary leaders to live their true purpose. We aim to create a global community of authentic, compassionate leaders who generate a ripple effect of positive change through their own transformation.


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