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"Bliss Keys™ provides transformative solutions to life's challenges. Empowering women and men to heal, harness their inner strength, and share their unique gifts with the world."

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Endorsement by Mary Morrissey: “Bliss Keys™ is powerful, practical and guides you on your path to purposeful self-actualization and deliberate co-creation. Individuals will find new inspiration and encouragement to use it towards creating their dream.” 

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True fulfillment often eludes us despite our success. The key lies in healing your heart and the unhealed parts of your psyche. Unlock the secret to true happiness with our free 8-minute video, 'Generic Dream' VS Heart's Desire. Start your transformative journey today.

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Our Vision

Imagine a world where leaders and influencers are not driven by the wounded, unhealthy parts within them. Our souls yearn to be seen and to connect with like-minded individuals in our tribe. Our tribe comprises highly sensitive persons, solitary bold innovators, artistic chain-breakers, freethinkers, leaders, and groundbreakers—those who feel like outcasts because they are different, much like some well-known figures who maintain their authenticity despite their fame. Our members are called to make the world a better place by honoring nature and helping it restore itself, whether through raising conscious children or spending billions on rewilding and climate initiatives.



The Call to Visionary Leaders

Even the most enlightened leaders and visionaries face unseen barriers. These blind spots and unconscious dynamics pin us to old patterns, inadvertently keeping us stuck. If you don’t do the inner work and change the settings at the level of the unconscious mind in your core programming, you will fall back into the same limiting and toxic dynamics. This is why so many well-intentioned organizations end up with toxic environments. We have no choice but to change on the inside, which only happens if we face our shadow and overcome our triggers. Understanding that these triggers say more about ourselves than the person triggering us is key. Bliss Keys is here to give you back the power to change your life from the inside out.

What Our Clients Are Saying 

Jonathan Lange, Founding Partner Red Pill Real Estate: "Francisca’s “obvious unfair” coaching advantage is something I have not ever experienced in four decades in working with coaches of all types: her ability to effectuate an inner desire to wholly accept and unconditionally love myself, while simultaneously building a yearning to learn, grow and improve. During our year of coaching, this profound approach led me to follow a more soul-directed vision and ultimately to found Red Pill Real Estate, which was born from our transformative sessions.

Francisca’s technique barbells the yin and yang concepts of “letting go” with a “growth mindset,” which is wildly freeing and energizing, all at once. Her innate and nurtured curiosity showed up in every session of ours, and that helped build my energy to do the same: to consistently be curious and compassionate when contemplating ways to improve.

The tools I learned by working with Francisca have influenced every aspect of my life, ranging from the board room to the community room, to the dining room. To this day, I continually reference our notes and work together, and I am tremendously grateful for the enduring value her expertise continues to provide."

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Our Philosophy and Core Principles

At Bliss Keys™, we believe that humans are here to evolve and grow in consciousness. The highest evolution is living one’s bliss—not at the cost of others, but paradoxically in service of others. We have found that this "service" feels like bliss once you have found your soul's purpose. It is the one thing you love doing most, where time stands still, and your inner joy and genius shine. True fulfillment comes from unleashing your unique purpose—the one thing only you can do. By aligning with this purpose, you tap into your inner genius, finding deep fulfillment and creating a lasting legacy. True fulfillment also comes from realizing you are a vital piece of the puzzle, and your transformation from your deepest pain is exactly what is needed.


Core Principles

  • Spiritual Healing: Realign spiritually to unlock profound transformation.
  • Purpose Discovery: Live a life aligned with your deepest values and authentic self-expression.
  • Collective Responsibility: Heal yourself to spark positive change in the world.
  • Ancestral Trauma Liberation: Free yourself from limiting conditioning by addressing ancestral and personal traumas. 


Creating a Ripple Effect

We believe in the profound impact of collective transformation. By empowering leaders to heal and grow, we create a ripple effect that transcends individual lives. Imagine a world where each healed individual contributes to a higher vibrational energy, fostering global change. Your deepest pain can become your greatest gift because it drives you to change, grow, and focus on getting through "the eye of the needle." It takes enormous strength and courage to navigate the trenches of the underworld—our shadow and pain. The realization that you can no longer endure an environment that makes you feel this bad is necessary to motivate change. This change must start within, and this is what we specialize in at Bliss Keys™.

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Our  Offerings

Our offerings mirror our evolution from deep in "the belly of the whale" state (hero’s journey), entrenched in fear, feeling like I was fighting for my life emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually, to reaching the freedom and bliss I am experiencing now in my one-on-one coaching and advisory role with my amazing clients. Read through each offering to feel what draws you in, and if you have questions, please let us know. We are eager to meet you.


"Breaking Out Gently" Coaching Memoir

Start your journey with my memoir, a powerful resource to gently break free from old oppressive paradigms. Embracing the raw, the shadow, and taboo family dynamics often swept under the rug, this book offers deep insights and practical steps for self-discovery and transformation. Integrate your shadow to become rooted in authenticity and bring forth your brightest light. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper than therapy! By understanding these principles, you can foster a culture of authenticity and integrity within your organization. Get your copy today.


Unlock Your Purpose Online Program

Our comprehensive online program is tailored for visionaries, artists, and leaders who feel misunderstood and hurt for "not fitting in." They seek inner peace, inner security, and inner freedom to fully unleash their genius. Born from 17 years of facilitating 1:1 emotional healing and dreambuilder coaching, and from my own journey from lack to authentic thriving, this program carries the energy and vibration of my personal transformation. Recorded from the safe, intimate space of my meditation cushion, my voice on the recordings is authentic, reflecting the real-time liberation I experienced while creating this content. With 24/7 access, this program supports your individual rhythm and honors your distinctive way of being. No appointments necessary—you can embark on this transformative journey anytime, anywhere, even in your pajamas. This program can be scaled for organizational training and development, helping align your team with a shared vision and purpose. Support your journey to self-discovery and alignment today.


What Our Clients Are Saying:

Ariela HaLevi, Co-Founder and Director at Soul Centered: "Working with Francisca has been such a gift to me, both personally and professionally.  She has a magical ease about her that guides her clients into opening to the truth of who they are.  I have found profound changes and shifts in old beliefs that have been holding me back from becoming the woman I truly am destined to become.  After working with Francisca, I see the vision of my whole self and who I truly am.  It has been life-changing and her intuition and truth shine through in every session." 

1:1 Freedom Coaching & Holistic Leadership Coaching

For visionary leaders and spiritual warriors ready to confront their own blind spots and taboos, our personalized transformation sessions are crafted for you. You may feel like a trailblazer at heart but haven't yet given yourself permission to fully embrace this identity. We support you in doing the inner work necessary to align with your true self.

Personalized coaching can significantly enhance your leadership style, making you more effective in leading your teams. These sessions help you sort through conditioned mindsets born from fear, control, and judgment. By liberating yourself from these constraints with the Bliss Keys filter, you can reconnect with your true self.

With Francisca's unique ability to mirror your source and sense your soul's mission, she will guide you back to your truth at every turn. Liberate your healthy ego from the chains of the past and harmonize it with your deepest yearning. Think of it as mediating between your ego and soul—like hosting an internal high-stakes peace summit.  Schedule a complimentary strategy call today to see if this transformative journey is a good match for you.

Holistic Strategic Leadership Advisory

To the visionary leaders and trailblazers who feel called to transform the world: Our Holistic Strategic Leadership Advisory is designed specifically for you. You already know the power of purpose-driven leadership and resonate with the Bliss Keys ethos of transforming the planet through fearless soul-directed motivation.

Imagine infusing your organization with principles that allow your soul's mission to flourish, creating a ripple effect that not only aligns with your highest purpose but also sets a new paradigm for others to follow. Picture having the unwavering support of someone who feels when you are in and out of alignment with your highest purpose and stands by you 100%. Together, we can integrate these transformative principles into every facet of your organization, ensuring your legacy endures. This advisory can help create a cohesive vision and strategy for your entire organization, aligning your company's culture with your personal values and long-term vision. It would be an honor to partner with you on this journey. Schedule your strategic consultation today and step boldly into your highest purpose. The world really needs you and the ripple effect only you can generate.


Join Us

We are currently looking to fill the first group of highly sensitive persons from all walks of life. We have offers for all budgets—from our online program to just reading the book and being a part of our community, receiving our updates and periodic freebies, to the high-end coaching and partnering with me as your holistic strategic leadership advisor. We need all of you, from different backgrounds and economic situations, because our diverse perspectives help each other grow. Tell us about yourself, your pain, your vision, and your yearning. Let’s go.

About Francisca Bronwyn

Transforming Lives, One Soul at a Time

Francisca Bronwyn is a visionary thinker, a highly skilled and sought-after coach, and a transformative guide dedicated to helping individuals unlock their true potential and lead lives of profound purpose and fulfillment. Her journey is a testament to the power of resilience, authenticity, and self-discovery. Through her unique blend of intuitive wisdom and strategic insight, Francisca empowers others to break free from limiting patterns and embrace their highest selves.


A Journey of Transformation

Francisca’s life has been a tapestry of profound experiences, marked by both struggles and triumphs. Growing up in a family rich with emotional and spiritual wisdom, she learned early on the importance of love, understanding, and forgiveness. These values became the cornerstone of her life's work. Despite facing personal challenges and significant losses, Francisca emerged stronger, using her experiences to fuel her mission of helping others heal and grow.


Professional Credentials and Methodology

Francisca’s extensive qualifications and innovative methodologies enable her to facilitate deep and lasting transformations:

  • Accredited Journey™ Practitioner: Guiding individuals through deep emotional healing and transformation.
  • Licensed Spiritual Health Coach: Integrating spiritual wisdom with practical strategies for holistic well-being.
  • Certified Dream Builder Life Coach: Helping clients realize their dreams through structured and personalized coaching.
  • PhotoReading and MindMapping Systems: Enhancing cognitive skills and strategic thinking.
  • BA in Film Directing, University of Melbourne, Australia: Combining creative vision with a disciplined approach to personal and professional development.

The Bliss Keys™ Method is Francisca’s signature approach, synthesizing her life's work and spiritual journey. This method integrates intuitive alignment with strategic insight and emotional resilience, fostering authentic leadership and holistic growth.


Mission and Vision

Francisca's mission is to connect with 10,000 souls from her soul family tribe, fostering a global community where authentic living, deep connections, and shared experiences lead to profound fulfillment. She envisions a world where individuals are empowered to transform their lives from the inside out, creating a ripple effect of positive change. By joining this movement, you align with a vision of leading into a new paradigm, helping fulfill a collective purpose and living your calling.


Join the Journey

We invite highly sensitive persons from all walks of life to join our transformative journey. Whether you engage with our online program, immerse yourself in our book, or connect with our community, there’s a place for you here. Our diverse perspectives help us grow together, creating a rich tapestry of support and mutual learning.

For those who are seeking to make a profound impact and lead from the top, our exclusive high-end coaching and holistic strategic leadership advisement are tailored for you. We are looking for top leaders who see themselves as catalysts for change, starting within and allowing their transformation to ripple outward.

Tell us about yourself, your pain, your vision, and your yearning. Let’s go and create meaningful change together.

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