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—its name inspired by Joseph Campbell’s invitation to “follow your bliss”—is for you if trying to succeed in a world that doesn’t support your sensitive nervous system has exhausted you. If you are feeling stuck and yearning for a change, this workbook can help you. Lovingly gentle, yet firm, grounded, and multidimensional, Bliss Keys teaches hands-on methods for harnessing the creative energy of your emotions, remembering what you are here for—your soul’s purpose—and programming yourself for integrity, happiness, and success; on your terms.

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"Bliss Keys is powerful, practical and guides you on your path to purposeful self-actualization and deliberate co-creation.​"

Mary Morrissey
CEO, Life Soulutions

Breaking Out Gently

This self-illuminating, transparently written coaching memoir illustrates how to release an old, outmoded paradigm while maintaining peace and balance. It interacts with the reader, offering prompts to go on their own journey of self-discovery.

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"Breaking Out Gently is an insightful and moving book packed with practical wisdom. If you are willing to be truthful and challenge yourself, it offers an opportunity to embrace life’s realities, clear unhealthy beliefs, and step into a new experience of wholeness and clarity. A fascinating and valuable read."

Brandon Bays
CEO The Journey™, Best-selling author

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I know the inner war of the mind well, but to live through an actual war and see your friends die, and then try to come...

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