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Discover how Bliss Keys™ has helped individuals achieve profound personal and professional growth 

Endorsement by Mary Morrissey, Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Empowerment Specialist, Founder of Life Soulutions

 “Bliss Keys is powerful, practical and guides you on your path to purposeful self-actualization and deliberate co-creation. Individuals will find new inspiration and encouragement to use it towards creating their dream.” 

Client Testimonials


Cinnamon Nuhfer, MLHR, Intuitive Healer

"This was the fast-track to finding my path and my purpose in life and worth every penny. I could have given up all the schooling and academic work I ever did for this work. This was far more vital to my happiness than any of that ever was."

Simon A. Luthi, Managing Director and GM Chase Travel, Founder of Sacred Healing, DE

"... a must for anyone interested in finally transforming old and stuck emotional patterns. The Bliss Keys Process will ultimately guide you to find your higher purpose and well-being. Be ready to experience true physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual breakthroughs." 

Jonathan Lange, Founding Partner Red Pill Real Estate 

"Francisca’s “obvious unfair” coaching advantage is something I have not ever experienced in four decades in working with coaches of all types: her ability to effectuate an inner desire to wholly accept and unconditionally love myself, while simultaneously building a yearning to learn, grow and improve. During our year of coaching, this profound approach led me to follow a more soul-directed vision and ultimately found Red Pill Real Estate, which was born from our transformative sessions.

Francisca’s technique barbells the yin and yang concepts of “letting go” with a “growth mindset,” which is wildly freeing and energizing, all at once. Her innate and nurtured curiosity showed up in every session of ours, and that helped build my energy to do the same: to consistently be curious and compassionate when contemplating ways to improve.

The tools I learned by working with Francisca have influenced every aspect of my life, ranging from the board room to the community room, to the dining room. To this day, I continually reference our notes and work together, and I am tremendously grateful for the enduring value her expertise continues to provide."

David Marcus, MD, Radiation Oncologist, TX

"This past year, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have Francisca in my corner. Much of our work  has been focused on reorienting the way I understand and relate to myself, and to shift into greater alignment with my values. Francisca is a master of “meeting me where I am” on any given day, which makes me feel seen and understood. Having created that foundation of safety and authenticity, Francisca skillfully guides me to new personal insights in just about every session. If someone reading this is looking for a coach who is deeply intuitive, attentive, skilled, and compassionate, they’ve certainly found the right person." 

Ariela HaLevi, Co-Founder and Director at Soul Centered

"Working with Francisca has been such a gift to me, both personally and professionally. She has a magical ease about her that guides her clients into opening to the truth of who they are. I have found profound changes and shifts in old beliefs that have been holding me back from becoming the woman I truly am destined to become. After working with Francisca, I see the vision of my whole self and who I truly am. It has been life-changing and her intuition and truth shine through in every session."

Violet Simpson, Realtor, CA

"A true angel that assists you in peeling off the layers until you reach that golden nugget." 

Jafree Ozwald, Author, Akashic Record Reader, Founder of Enlightened Beings, CO

"The journeys I had with Francisca were very healing and insightful. She has the ability to see through to your core issue and help you get beyond it. She helped me to have more love and compassion for myself while also allowing me to see what my old habit/pattern was more clearly. She’s a natural healer. Anyone who gets the chance to work with her is very fortunate."

David B. Baron, MD,FAAFP Family Medicine, Founder/Owner Primary Caring of Malibu Medical Group, Inc., CA

"Over my nearly thirty years as a practicing family medicine physician, I have encountered just a few very rare individuals, professional colleagues whom I consider to be true healers. Francisca Bronwyn is one of them. She is exceptionally well-trained, skilled, experienced, gentle, empathetic and patient (but persistent) in guiding us from fear to freedom, from self-reproach to self-love, from darkness into light."


Endorsement by Pat Kendall, Ph.D., Senior Journey Practitioner

"Francisca’s Journey Practitioner Program Case Studies Assessment: It’s such an honor to soak in the clarity, tenderness and deep, deep Grace of your case studies. You are truly “letting Source do the doing,” and this is allowing you and your clients to move deep, deep beneath the surface issues they bring in. I salute your gentleness and flexibility, and sense your special gift for working with mind types will be put to use. Bravo and a deep Namaste." 

Cinnamon Nuhfer, MLHR, Intuitive Healer 

"The emotional healing part of the program was necessary for me to move forward in my life. I am now living my purpose every day!"


Hunter Fite, Actor, CA

"Exploring the journey work with Francisca has been one of the most powerful one-on-one healing experiences of my life. Francisca creates a safe and loving environment and allows you to simply jump off into a deep and meaningful spiral of emotions until you reach the other side, which is experiencing your own soul. Layer after layer you will come to terms with old tantrums and pains and start a forgiving and healing process. As an artist I have been able to express myself with much more freedom and confidence, trusting the very core of my instincts, of my soul. I will never be able to thank Francisca enough for the empowerment I have accessed through the journey and strongly believe she has a God-given gift for this type of work."

Paige Parsons Roache, Producer/Co-Host of Plant Based In the Burbz

"If I hadn't done the inner work {...} he couldn't have waited to leave and I couldn't have waited to get him out of the house. Which is where it was going. And now, I love spending time with him! We enjoy each other's company again! I now have much more freedom, power, and possibility for the future."


Beth Gulas, CEO Beth Gulas Consulting, CA

"I thought I had done my “work” on myself but found that Francisca's journeywork took me to a whole other layer. Francisca helped me to travel through this with her expertise and very calming voice. As I was driving home, I felt untethered to the past. It was as if this was the last piece of the puzzle and I’m happy to report the continuance of this feeling months later. It was probably one of the most effective “journeys” I’ve ever experienced. Thank you, Francisca — I’m so grateful." 

Emily Baron, VITA™ Method Conscious Relationship Coach

"Francisca helped me to transform my life and move through my divorce with grace and ease. We moved a lifetime of trauma and dysfunction in less than a year—what a gift she is to the world!! It doesn’t matter what you’re struggling with, this work will heal you from the inside out so that you can call in everything you are meant to be."

Maria B., Founder of Wonderkids, CA

"I have no words to express what Francisca’s journeywork did for my life and, by default, the lives of my children. At a time when I felt as though I would not be able to overcome a most terrible grief, depression and pain; Francisca, with all her empathy and wisdom of the inner self was able to draw me back out in giving me a new meaning for my life. The experience provides for a powerful awakening, such that her devotion and love of humanity makes a visit essential and necessary for any growth or understanding of one’s soul." 

Oshrat Elka, Business Owner, CA

"For more than 12 years I lived my life in fear, anxiety, hiding from people and from my own self, being in an unhealthy marriage, I felt dead from the inside. I decided to see Francisca. One session that’s all it took for me to bring the light into my life. After that session I had the courage to do things, to create, I felt motivated. I opened up a catering business and after a year I became a massage therapist.  I became social like I have never been in my life. Today I live my life from a positive and a happy place. I feel freedom. I highly recommend Francisca as a practitioner to Everyone." 

Bob Levy, Life Coach, MI

"The joy I felt was indescribable. Through this process called The Journey, I had been escorted by a gentle, loving, caring voice with the skill and talent of a master artisan into this place of freedom… Thank you for your commitment to serving truth and for partnering me in my Journey of healing."

Samantha Farber, Financial Advisor, CA

"I thought I’d have difficulties with this type of work because I’ve found any kind of meditation exercise hard in the past. But I’ve been wanting to quit smoking for years, so I thought I’d at least try. It turned out that it didn’t matter that I felt I wasn’t going ‘deep enough’ because the fact is that, after, I quit smoking. I have tried to quit countless times and found it was like I was denying myself something I wanted. This time it feels like I never smoked. The craving is gone." 

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