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In 2023, we have the tools and the consciousness available to self-heal, and self-actualize, but what’s missing is the focus. We distract ourselves too much.

We need a strategy of how to tackle the overwhelm. A way to work with our emotions, and resolve issues at their root core level. To find our integrity, and from that place feel who we are and what we are here for. Bliss Keys is that way.

During the course of the Bliss Keys Unlock Your Purpose program, you will forge your own Bliss Key. Through "mental-emotional acrobatics" you gain a moment-to-moment solution to handle your challenges.

This process will accelerate your path to finding your true self, purpose, and resolve to live your life from a place of authentic integrity. 

Paige Parsons Roache

Producer, Activist

I feel blessed that we did this work. I feel grateful. I feel like I'm forever changed. I will never be the same.

David B. Baron

M.D., FAAFP, Family Medicine, Founder/Owner Primary Caring of Malibu Medical Group, Inc.

Bliss Keys is an effective step-by-step program that leads you ever closer to and able to hear more clearly the quiet inner voice of your highest self; beyond ego, beyond circumstances, beyond doubt or preconceived limitations. If you are seeking a path to greater happiness and contentment, and true healing of past or current wounds, Francisca will lovingly lead you there.

The Bliss Keys Unlock Your Purpose Program has the potential to change your life by guiding you to enter into a daily ritual of self-reflection. Because you are a highly sensitive person (HSP) and believe you could turn your triggers and discontents into self-actualization, this is for you. 

You will receive: 

  • Over 30 bite-sized videos that nurture and guide you to self-reflect

  • Journaling exercises to navigate your process consciously

  •  Assignments for experiencing yourself in a new way, finding your true self, and thriving authentically


  • You learn that your job in co-creating your desired life is NOT to “make anything happen” but to create the space—mentally, emotionally, physically—for your preferred reality/dream to land
  • You commit to doing your part  


  • Guided processes lovingly support you in doing this inner work at your own pace in the privacy of your own home.
  • You learn the importance of letting yourself feel your emotions for becoming a deliberate co-creator. "Your emotions literally transform mind into matter." Dr. Candace B. Pert

Define your Hearts Desire

  • You learn that only a dream that comes from your liberated self, from your true heart can give you lasting fulfillment. In this module, you learn to listen to your desires, especially the ones that you have denied yourself.

True Self

In this module, Francisca’s gentle yet firm guidance assists you in finding your true self, as opposed to your conditioned self. And the dream written in your heart so you can find the magic flow of deliberate, soul-directed co-creation. 


Staying the course is what it is all about in life, and in this program. As you practice the guided process in this module, you learn how to transform triggers, distractions, and setbacks into stepping stones. Speed up your growth and connect you with your authentic power-as opposed to your manipulative or fear-driven force.

Heart Opening

In this module, you will learn the secrets of how to engage with your heart's desire and create the space to follow your bliss. It's about allowing the beauty of your authentic self to guide your life.

Hi, my name is Francisca Bronwyn. I am a German-Australian emotional healing facilitator and freedom coach helping individuals clear their deep-seated inner obstacles, find their purpose and achieve fulfillment in their relationships and careers. Over the last 15 years, I’ve worked with 100’s of clients, using the in-depth coaching and healing program I created.

My journey of healing and self-actualization started with a shattering loss. My mother was diagnosed with cancer, three years after my sister. The imminent threat of this disease left me fearing for my own life as well. But then I remembered what I had learned about mind-body connections. When I was 21, I had a skin disease which a western medicine physician couldn’t cure. When I got in touch with the fact that I needed to change the unhealthy dynamic in the relationship I was in, my health was completely restored. 

We can help ourselves heal our lives by hearing our truth and living in our integrity. I created this program to focus on clearing the inner obstacles that prevent us from being in our integrity. 

I want to share what it takes to heal from deep-seated life trauma, and for you to gain enough emotional freedom to feel who you truly are again. Healing brings freedom for women and men to harness the power of their hearts, discover their ultimate selves, and share their gifts with the world.

What sets this program apart from others:  

Most coaching programs avoid even mentioning the issue of blame. But at Bliss Keys, we know that the real work to co-create a happier life from within doesn't even start until you work on your triggers without pointing the finger. 

Blaming comes naturally. It’s how our culture conditions us. We learn to point the finger at “the other“. From a spiritual point of view, the energy of blame is synonymous with victim energy. And since you can only be on one frequency at a time (think of a radio station: you can only hear one signal clearly at a time) you can’t be in victim energy and in victor energy simultaneously. So, while you are blaming your partner, your boss or your staff, your parents, your ex, or the economy, you are blocking yourself from your authentic self-empowerment and thriving. You first have to change your mind about where you stand.

To be successful with Bliss Keys, understand the fundamental premise that when you feel triggered, it is for you to move toward and embrace the inner work in precisely what triggered you. We will support and guide you to note what triggers you, and then, depending on the level of support you enrolled in, get the help you need to understand how to turn this trigger into a clear stepping stone and change agent on your inner path.

Frequently Asked Question

How Bliss Keys works

If you agree, that:

  • you can learn to pivot your way out of a challenge to self-actualization

  • you create your own reality primarily with your thoughts

  • your conscious and unconscious thoughts about yourself (your identity) determine your success 

  • you will engage in a daily practice of at least 20 minutes

  • you will seek additional help through email, group calls, or 1:1 sessions if you get stuck
then we are confident that you will have success with this program. 

The Bliss Keys Program supports you to change your life from within, at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home, with the support of a professional team and like-minded peers.

Monthly Plan


Top features

  • The Bliss Keys-Unlock Your Purpose Online Program
  • Self-Inquiry Assignments for each teaching point
  • 1 LIVE group Q+A call 
  • Private Community Platform to navigate the program with your peers + Meet new friends
  • Email support 





Six-Month Plan

997/six months

Top features

  • The Bliss Keys-Unlock Your Purpose Online Program with six Modules (33 videos)
  • Journaling Assignments for each teaching point
  • 6 LIVE group Q+A calls
  • Email support
  • Private Community Platform to navigate the program with your peers + Meet new friends
  • BONUS: Bliss Keys "From Grief to Fully Living" Online Course (12 videos) 


From Grief To Fully Living

Unresolved grief blocks the energy you need to co-create your preferred reality. Heal yourself, clear your slate, then build your dream with the Unlock Your Purpose Program. 

"BlissKeys.com has answers on how to deal with COVID-grief."-NBC, CBS, Coston Herald, Wall Street Select

Francisca's empathic and caring voice is both encouraging as it is soothing. 


Simon A. Luthi

Managing Director and GM Chase Travel, Reiki Practitioner, DE

Francisca Bronwyn’s Bliss Keys Program is a must for anyone interested in finally transforming old and stuck emotional patterns. The Bliss Keys Process will ultimately guide you to find your higher purpose and well-being. Be ready to experience true physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual breakthroughs.

Mary Morrissey

CEO, Life Soulutions
Bliss Keys is powerful, practical, and guides you on your path to purposeful self-actualization and deliberate co-creation.​"

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