To Love Your Life, First Feel to Heal. "’s unique programs facilitate an in-depth mind-body healing process that heals the original trauma at the emotional root cause level. "

The Unlock Your Purpose Program is an interactive masterclass providing strategic guidance to unlock your purpose and thrive authentically. 


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This is for you if you believe that you are capable of changing your life, but don't know how to. 

Testimonial by Brandie Z., Singer, Songwriter, Dancer: 

This program has been a profound journey of self-discovery for me, expanding my awareness of myself, my long-held beliefs, thinking patterns, and habits. It's been instrumental in revealing aspects of myself that I've been unaware of for most of my life. It's not just about introspection; it's about transformation.

Through this program, I've not only gained insight into my life's challenges but have also learned to embrace them from a fresh, positive perspective. The changes I've experienced within myself, especially after completing module 5, have been nothing short of remarkable. I'm witnessing profound shifts in my experiences, emotions, and overall mindset.

Every day, I feel myself aligning more with my true potential. This program fills me with hope, knowing that my life is on the verge of a remarkable transformation, all thanks to the invaluable lessons and thought-processing techniques it provides. It has helped shift my perspective from anxiety and fear about the future to excitement and eagerness to who I will become in the near and far future.

I want to express my deep appreciation for Francisca and this program. It has not only helped me understand and love myself more but has also ignited a sense of love for the journey itself. I wholeheartedly recommend this program, especially if you find yourself at a plateau in life, unsure of your next steps to unlock your purpose. Right now, I feel like I've found the key; all that's left is to find the lock and open it. 🔓


If you are in emotional pain about the world, or you feel like you don't fit in, you are likely meant to create a new world. 


Your pain is your gift. It is your soul calling you home. 

From the Founder, Francisca Bronwyn, Holistic Leadership Coach: "The Bliss Keys program developed from my own life experience. My journey of healing and self-actualization started with a shattering loss. My mother was diagnosed with cancer three years after my sister. The shock and threat of the disease left me fearing for my own life as well. But then I remembered what I had learned about mind-body connections. When I was 21, I had a skin disease, which a Western medicine physician couldn’t cure. When I got in touch with the fact that I needed to leave the unhealthy relationship I was in, my health was completely restored.

We can help ourselves heal and grow by hearing our truth and living in our integrity. I created the Bliss Keys™ program to focus on clearing the inner obstacles that prevent us from being in our integrity. As a prerequisite to then - from this integrated self - build a fulfilling life that aligns with your highest purpose." 

What sets this program apart:  

The issue of blame. Most coaching programs don't dive that deep, but at Bliss Keys™, we know that the real work doesn't even start until you own your triggers.

If you understand the fundamental premise that when you feel triggered, it is for you to embrace the inner work to transmute precisely what triggered you, Bliss Keys has your back

A perfect fit?

Do you agree, that:

  • you create your own reality primarily with your thoughts
  • you are a leader, healer, visionary, light-worker, or artist birthing the new world
  • you can learn to pivot your way out of a challenge to self-actualization 
  • your conscious and unconscious thoughts  determine your success 
  • if you are triggered it's pointing at your own work
  • you will engage in a daily practice (at least 5-20 minutes)
  • you will seek additional help through groups, group calls, or 1:1 sessions if you get stuck
If you answered yes, then we are confident you'll be successful with Bliss Keys Unlock Your Purpose. 

Frequently Asked Question

Allow us to lead you through soul-directed, soothing spoken messages into the core of your truth from where all healing and holistic visioning emerges. You will receive: 

  • you receive 40 bite-sized videos that nurture your self-reflection

  • you embark on journaling expeditions to navigate your process

  • you immerse yourself into creative assignments and experience new perspectives


  • Expectations and Boundaries: What you need to succeed 


  • "Your emotions transform mind into matter." Dr. Candace Pert

Define your Hearts Desire

  • You learn to listen to your desires that you have denied yourself

Bliss Key: True Self

Francisca's guidance holds you in a safe space where you can let go of condition-narrative and remember your true self. 


You learn how to transform triggers into stepping stones. 

Heart Opening

You find the dream written in your heart. 


Simon A. Luthi

Managing Director and GM Chase Travel, Reiki Practitioner, DE

Francisca Bronwyn’s Bliss Keys Program is a must for anyone interested in finally transforming old and stuck emotional patterns. The Bliss Keys Process will ultimately guide you to find your higher purpose and well-being. Be ready to experience true physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual breakthroughs.

Mary Morrissey

CEO, Life Soulutions
Bliss Keys is powerful, practical, and guides you on your path to purposeful self-actualization and deliberate co-creation.​"

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INTENSIVE 1:1 holistic leadership coaching $2,000/month (apply/space very limited)

SMALL GROUP COACHING $1,000/month (apply/space limited) 

ONLINE COACHING $197/month (apply, space unlimited) 

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Top features

  • The Bliss Keys-Unlock Your Purpose Online Program
  • Self-Inquiry Assignments for each teaching point
  • 1 LIVE group Q+A call 
  • Private Communities to navigate the program with your peers
  • Email support 
  • BONUS: Bliss Keys "From Grief to Fully Living" Online Course (15 videos) 

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we commend you for doing this inner work. we believe that by healing your inner world you help heal THE world. thank you.