Weekly 90-minute 1:1 sessions with Francisca will target blind spots or "ceilings" to resolve them by going deep into the root cause. Integrating one's purpose into their leadership, expanding possibility-thinking, and bringing forth a better understanding of their role in a greater context and serving a higher good.


The first four weekly one-on-one 90-minute coaching sessions will entail understanding where the client is at, and how they operate, regarding OKR of topics such as Team Buy-In, Execution Consistency, and Staying Equanimous under pressure.

Francisca will do an intake and assessment for each targeted objective, not just on the behavioral level, but on a deeper, subconscious level. Based on this information, she will tailor the rest of the program to the client’s particular needs.


The subsequent work together will involve:
- emotional processing to resolve unconscious fears and limitations
- "laser coaching" to reframe unconscious blind spots or “ceilings”
- belief change work, most likely around topics including leadership, identity, higher self, confidence, success, worthiness, teamwork, expectations, greatness, work ethic, maturity, responsibility, and power vs force.

The length of this middle phase differs from person to person.


In the third phase, Francisca will then move on to include more dream-building into her sessions, where the client will build on the confidence and self-awareness they have gained.

Dream-building is a method of coaching where Francisca helps the client integrate their life purpose into their work, resulting in a deeper sense of meaning, expanded, yet grounded, possibility-thinking, and an understanding of their own role in a greater context, serving a higher good.

Time frame: Francisca usually works with her clients for at least one full year. Simply because the work goes deep into the levels of the unconscious mind where behaviors are programmed.

It takes great trust in one’s self and in a higher power for someone to go on such a journey, where they literally have to face their own demons (unresolved ego) so they can move beyond them. It takes time for someone to develop into their full potential.

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