1:1 Executive Coaching with Francisca: Unlock Your Full Potential

Embark on a profound journey of transformation with weekly 90-minute one-on-one sessions led by Francisca. In this executive coaching experience, we delve deep to target blind spots, resolve them at their root cause, and integrate your purpose into leadership. This process expands possibility-thinking and nurtures a profound understanding of your role in a broader context, serving a higher good.

PHASE ONE: Assess and Tailor

Begin with a focused assessment of your current state, emphasizing key objectives such as Team Buy-In, Execution Consistency, and Staying Equanimous under pressure. Through a thorough intake and subconscious assessment, Francisca tailors the program to meet your specific needs.

PHASE TWO: Transformative Work

The subsequent phase involves emotional processing to resolve unconscious fears, "laser coaching" for reframing blind spots, and belief change work covering areas like leadership, identity, confidence, and more. The duration of this phase adapts to individual requirements.

PHASE THREE: Dream-Building Integration

Transitioning to the third phase, Francisca introduces dream-building into sessions. This entails integrating your life purpose into your work, fostering deeper meaning, expanded possibility-thinking, and an enriched understanding of your role in a broader context, all while contributing to a higher good.

Time Frame: A Year of Deep Exploration

This comprehensive program unfolds over at least one full year, allowing for a profound exploration of the unconscious mind's programmed behaviors. As you build trust in yourself and a higher power, this transformative journey involves confronting and moving beyond unresolved ego, fostering sustained personal development over time. Mastery in this holistic approach is achieved after several years, drawing on the wealth of experience and expertise that Francisca has accumulated since her professional immersion in this work began in 2006. It took her at least 12 years to reach the pinnacle of mastery, underscoring the depth and commitment required for profound transformation.

It's important to note that even at the pinnacle of mastery, I am still evolving and learning, recognizing that the journey toward self-discovery and holistic leadership is a continuous process.

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