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1:1 Sessions with Francisca

Discover the transformative power of personalized guidance tailored just for you. Embark on a journey of unparalleled self-discovery, unlock hidden potential, and quantum-leap your life.

Unlock Your Purpose Leadership Program ONLINE:

Delve into deliberate self-transformation and co-creation work with our online Unlock Your Purpose Leadership Program, offering structure and flexibility for various schedules and commitments, thoughtfully curated by our founder, Francisca. 

Monthly Plan


Top features

  • The Bliss Keys-Unlock Your Purpose Leadership Program ONLINE
  • Journaling Assignments
  • 1 LIVE group Q+A call with the founder
  • Email support from the Bliss Keys Team

Free Bliss Keys™' Dealing With Grief Course: 

At our core, we champion equal access to personal growth. Our diverse offerings are designed to make transformative knowledge universally attainable

Begin or deepen your healing journey with our free Bliss Keys™' Dealing With Grief course, a testament to our belief in making emotional well-being universally within reach.  Bliss Keys™' Dealing With Grief


Dive into the journey of self-liberation, where raw truths are laid bare, taboos transcended, and your soul heard through Francisca's provocative books—a foundation for accessible wisdom.

Bliss Keys - A Practical Guide to Unlocking Your Purposes

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Breaking Out Gently - A Brutally Honest Coaching Memoir Into Unconditional Self-Love

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