Unlock You with Bliss Keys™

Visionary Leadership for the Inner Circle

In charting a visionary course for our inner circle, Bliss Keys focuses on unlocking the inherent potential within each individual. We recognize that identifying natural skills and talents aligned with personal desires requires a foundation of security and permission, encompassing both financial and emotional realms, acknowledging that survival mode can obscure our highest potential.

Adept Leadership Attraction

Bliss Keys adeptly attracts leaders who share a common vision for a better world. With a refined ability to discern psychological dynamics, we intricately work with these leaders, intuitively understanding their energy, leadership style, power dynamics, and hierarchy structures. This expertise allows us to pinpoint misalignments with our shared higher vision.

Transformative Approach

Our approach involves enticing transformative change at a fundamental level, playfully yet competitively appealing to the inner hero and spiritual warrior within each individual. Authenticity becomes the driving force, and we seek those whose core strength aligns with the authentic pursuit of a higher purpose.

Inclusive Collaboration

Striving for equal opportunities, our collaboration employs a sliding scale, ensuring accessibility for individuals from all walks of life. This approach allows financially secure individuals to generously support the vision as 'angels,' while providing scholarships for those less privileged. Recognizing the diverse economic backgrounds within our empowered community, we unite to disseminate a mindset of solution-oriented thinking.

Communicative Expertise

With a professional journey dating back to 2006 in facilitating mind-body healing work and an intuitive awareness of energy dynamics since childhood, Bliss Keys has been mediating energy dynamics within familial relationships since the age of 11. This depth of experience enhances our collective ability to communicate effectively across various industries, organizations, and even government, contributing to a ripple effect of positive change within our collaborative endeavors.

Foundational Platform

The online Blisskeys course serves as a foundational platform for discussions, ensuring a shared understanding amid rapid global growth and evolution.

Shifting Paradigms

Our collective aim is to shift away from a hollow, greed-driven bottom line towards a model aligned with the principles of Mother Earth. By fostering collective decision-making rooted in common sense, we strive to create a flourishing planet where humanity thrives. As a leader, Bliss Keys is committed to holding space and navigating this transformative contribution, fostering a world where individuals can truly flourish.

Elevate Your Leadership with Bliss Keys™

It is no secret that great performers use coaches. For decades, athletes, public speakers, and actors have turned to coaches to elevate their performance. This approach has become integral in various industries, where leaders, ranging from corporate executives to entrepreneurs and industry visionaries, are seeking guidance to reach their personal best.

Tapping into Essence

BLISS KEYS taps into the essence that unlocks the power behind your purpose, empowering individuals across diverse industries to become exceptional communicators and effective leaders. We recognize the unique challenges faced by leaders in different fields and tailor our approach to address these challenges effectively.

Pervasive Challenge of Toxic Leadership

Toxic leadership is a pervasive challenge, and with leaders across varied industries facing unprecedented demands, investing in leadership coaching is essential for sustained success.

Why Bliss Keys?

When seeking improvement, trust matters. At BLISS KEYS, we bring time-tested experience to guide leaders through challenges, no matter the industry. Our holistic approach provides you with the keys to unlock your capacity and purpose, extending well beyond the coaching experience. The programs at BLISS KEYS are designed to address challenges at their core, ensuring lasting and transformative effects on leaders in every professional sphere.


David Marcus, MD

 Radiation Oncologist

About a year ago, as a number of transitions began to appear in my life, a friend recommended that I connect with Francisca Bronwyn. I took his advice, and, as I’ve navigated these changes, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have Francisca in my corner.

Much of my work with Francisca has been focused on reorienting the way I understand and relate to myself. This process has started with uncovering some of my most deeply held subconscious “limiting beliefs”. Francisca has guided me to a new perspective around these beliefs, and in doing so, she has helped me to shift into greater alignment with my values.

In addition to offering a transformative approach, Francisca is also deeply empathic. She’s a master of “meeting me where I am” on any given day, which makes me feel seen and understood. Having created that foundation of safety and authenticity, Francisca skillfully guides me to new personal insights in just about every session.

The work that I’ve done with Francisca over the past year has been deep and meaningful, and her guidance has been instrumental in helping me to navigate an important time in my life. If someone reading this is looking for a coach who is deeply intuitive, attentive, skilled, and compassionate, they’ve certainly found the right person.

"This was the fast track to finding my purpose and my path in life and worth every penny."

Cinnamon Nuhfer, MLHR, Intuitive Healer 


Simon A. Luthi

Managing Director and GM Chase Travel, Reiki Practitioner, DE

Francisca Bronwyn’s Bliss Keys Program is a must for anyone interested in finally transforming old and stuck emotional patterns. The Bliss Keys Process will ultimately guide you to find your higher purpose and well-being. Be ready to experience true physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual breakthroughs.

David B. Baron

M.D., FAAFP, Family Medicine, Founder/Owner Primary Caring of Malibu Medical Group, Inc., CA

Bliss Keys is an effective step-by-step program that leads you ever closer to and able to hear more clearly the quiet inner voice of your highest self; beyond ego, beyond circumstances, beyond doubt or preconceived limitations. If you are seeking a path to greater happiness and contentment, and true healing of past or current wounds, Francisca will lovingly lead you there.

Why invest in leadership coaching?

It is no secret that great performers use coaches. For decades, we have watched athletes, public speakers, and actors face dilemmas on how to improve by turning to coaches to help them increase their performance. This approach has also taken hold in the business world, where top performing leaders are turning to executive coaches to help them reach their personal best in business. It was stated by the Hay Group, an HR consulting firm, that an estimated 40% of Fortune 500 companies utilize executive coaching.

We know that happy people are more effective and that 80% of your chance of being successful depends upon whether your environment is supporting your growth.

BLISS KEYS taps into those places that unlock the power behind your purpose, where people are empowered to become better communicators and more effective leaders. We utilize the knowledge of how integral leaders can be for a company environment and its productivity. Toxic leadership is, by far, the most pervasive and costly challenge companies face in the workplace. Employees are far less engaged now than ever before and with challenged leaders, companies cannot afford to not include leadership coaching in their budgets. 

Why Bliss Keys?


When searching for improvement, it is vital to use a trusted source. At BLISS KEYS, we have the time-tested experience to keep your focus and determination funneled into every challenge. Using a holistic approach, BLISS KEYS provides you with the keys to unlock your capacity and purpose well beyond the coaching experience. Moving through our programs will resolve issues at their root core level offering lasting effects.