1:1 Freedom Coaching

1:1 Freedom Coaching helps find solutions in your relationships while staying respectful and honoring what you cherish. This is a dive into the most important relationship you will ever have, the one with yourself. 

If you are seeking an amicable resolution in a business dispute or divorce, Francisca will tailor a program to your needs including 1:1, and couple sessions. 

What you'll get:
  • 1:1 session/week with Francisca
  • Free access to the Bliss Keys Course Library to support you in-between sessions  
You will benefit from: 
  • Holistic coaching using a strategic approach to understanding how you operate
  • Providing hands-on tools for application and inspirational support to transform existing conflict into a stepping stone
  • Spiritual insight into which path will provide a solution with the least amount of collateral
  • In-depth coaching and healing processes to help you find your elixir 
- $2,000/4 ninety-minute sessions per month
[ 1:1 Sessions are held by zoom or in person at Francisca’s Malibu office.]
Apply for a Complimentary Live call Consultation.